Hosted by the University of New Mexico Art Museum, Deep Time Lab is an experiment in how we situate ourselves within time. This project will orient participants to earth’s new geologic epoch, the Anthropocene. Defined by human impact, urgency, and unprecedented change, this era reveals that there is not a single, predictable future. History is a story that can be retold and revised. What will be is being scripted right now. Deep Time Lab seeks new connections between past, present, and potential futures, by exploring time as a language, a measure, an art medium, a social context, a scientific principle, a spiritual space, and a cultural expression. The Lab will allow for evolution and cross pollination between ongoing inquiries and responses.

Through UNM Art Museum’s inaugural creative-in-residence program, Nina Elder  utilizes the museum as a participatory studio and laboratory (rather than exhibition space) to engage UNM students and the public in collective and creative research processes.  The residency is situated as a site for critical thinking, experimentation, and co-creation. Through this project, we are holding space for new ideas to form. The goal is to foster open ended, multi-vocal and evolving content alongside our students and partners.