The East Jemez Landscape Futures (EJLF) is a collaborative, landscape level climate change adaptation strategy for areas altered by fires, floods, and drought. These disturbances have been made worse by historical land use decisions and anthropogenic global warming. The EJLF is developing a response to the altered landscapes in a deliberative, inclusive, and transboundary way that incorporates research, land management strategies, and culture. We seek to build partnerships to enact creative solutions that holistically reassemble not only ecological function, but also a "sense of place" to the landscape. We are working with artists and storytellers to determine the social connections to the Jemez Mountains and then incorporate those into formal land management plans. We plan to use art and story as conduit between the human communities and the landscape in a way that facilitates the development of research and management plans that intentionally create avenues for people to (re)connect to the East Jemez in a way that honors the past and acknowledges the future. Our goal is to create a landscape that is robust enough to adapt to a warming climate, and a suite of resilient local communities better connected to each other and the land.