Nina travels to some of the most environmentally impacted, geographically distant, and economically important places on the globe to research how the natural environment is changing through human-centered activities. Through these journeys, which have been supported by the Polar Lab at the Anchorage Museum and have been focused on Alaska and the Western Arctic, she is gathering more stories, images, ideas, and correlations than can be translated into traditional two-dimensional art work. The result is an evolving narrative presentation that art critic and author Lucy Lippard called “something that embodies a social energy not yet defined as art.” This presentation is equal parts travel log, artist talk, poetic narrative, and a scrutiny of assumptions about the North. It weaves together unlikely associations between piles of rocks, Nina’s father’s untold military history, climate change, Native cultures, obsolete communication technology, and the need for curiosity. Nina has been invited to give this presentation at various universities, arts organizations, and federal research laboratories.