Signal Fire provides opportunities for artists and activists to engage in the natural world through outdoor expeditions and camping. They utilize public lands to advocate for the access to— and protection of— America’s remaining wild,open places in order to enrich and sustain society. Signal Fire’s 2016 theme responds to historical land journeys that helped form the cultural and political geography of the contemporary American West. Through several artist-centered excursions, Signal Fire will retrace segments of these routes in the reverse direction as a symbolic gesture of “unwalking.” Nina Elder co-leads Unwalking Coronado, exploring the terrible legacy of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado who came to New Mexico in 1540. He sought gold and sowed empire, leaving in his wake the scourges of disease and slavery. Military and mining interests have continued to plunder the area ever since. This backpacking trip emphasizes the natural and human histories that have shaped the landscape of the Southern Rockies.