The Score | Indianapolis

As the City State Artist in Residence, Nina Elder engages with the geologic past and deep futures of Indianapolis. In a landscape that has been covered in glaciers and then extensively quarried for its wealth of limestone, Nina gains inspiration from the malleability of land and its essential impermanence. As Indianapolis struggles with rampant gentrification, corporate development, racial segregation, and economic redlining, there is a need for disruptive energies and emergent futures. 

The Score | Indianapolis embraces the history of limestone quarrying while also challenging the tendency to make monuments that celebrate temporary beliefs. The Score will consist of a set of hand tools that, through their potential to welcome in geologic processes to the rigid urban environment, allow consideration of who and what will shape the future. A community oversight committee will decide who keeps The Score and how it might be used. This committee will represent divergent and possibly conflicting views of the future of Indianapolis, yet together, will be asked to leave their mark. In a ceremony of commitment to these potential futures, the committee will come together to score a block of Indiana limestone. The block will eventually crack along these score marks, revealing the wild and reinterpretable nature of this place. 

This project is made possible through the Arts and Humanities Institute at IUPUI,  in partnership with Ignition Arts, iMOCA, People for Urban Progress, and PRINTtEXT. City State is generously supported by the Central Indiana Community Foundation, Eskenazi Health, IndyGo and Blue Indy.