With the Island Institute, Nina will lead an intimate group of artists of any discipline for a multi-community ferry tour. On this journey, artists will experience, investigate, and respond to the myths and realities of silence and interference in Southeast Alaska. This month-long journey will build creative relationships between participants and the rural- dwelling people who are some of the most dependent upon, and affected by, the natural environment. This will be an experience that uniquely combines the Alaskan cultural context with adventure, research, dialogue, wilderness, collaboration, and a meaningful framework in which to respond. This journey will focus on the metaphor of signal-to-noise, a ratio that compares the level of a desired signal to the level of background noise interfering with it. As the noise caused by human environmental impact rises alongside the internal noise of modern life, who and what is being heard? Who and what is being overpowered? How do we remain receptive to important signals in the face of so much noise? Tideline Journey Residency website